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About Us

Analytical Approach
ProFolio uses an analytical approach to separate fact from fiction in the investment world. We start with decades of historical data on multiple assets, we then analyze expected risk and return for investment solutions utilizing strategic and tactical asset allocation. Guided by our research, we develop investment portfolios designed to meet our investment objectives, time horizons and risk profiles. 
Strategic Asset Allocation
Our strategic portfolio is a passive investment solution. In this portfolio we chose a selection of assets that have low correlation in order to minimize volatility. We then look at the historical performance to determine how to allocate capital across the assets to maximize return for a given risk. As asset weightings change throughout the year, we annually rebalance back to the selected weightings. We periodically review the asset selection, weighting and performance to insure the best solution.
Tactical Asset Allocation
Our tactical portfolios look to improve upon the risk adjusted returns of passive management by using a systematic approach to dynamically allocate capital toward outperforming assets and away from underperforming assets.
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Our Team
Richard Johnson- CEO, Portfolio Manager

Rich has over 25 years experience designing integrated circuits prior to founding ProFolio.


As an engineer, with MSEE and BSEE degrees from Boston University, Rich has 17 patents and has worked for some of the biggest semiconductor companies including Analog Devices, Silicon Labs and Cirrus Logic. In 1994, Rich cofounded a startup, SNR Semiconductor, which was later sold to Silicon Labs.

After leaving the semiconductor industry, Rich focused on managing investments with a technical leaning toward the statistics involved in portfolio construction and optimization.

Rich looks to bring this technical background to help investors achieve their financial goals.

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